Corralejo Gran Corralejo Anejo 1Lt


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Almost 250 years ago, Hacienda Corralejo was founded and became one of the first estates in Mexico to produce commercial tequila. Since this historic date in 1755, the distillation methods of Tequila Corralejo have been preserved, refined and developed into a skilled craft only attainable by master artisans of tequila making. In 1994, the President of Mexico asked Don Leonardo, of the Corralejo Distillery, to produce 2,000 cases of aged Anejo to toast in the new millennium. Don Leonardo named the limited edition Anejo Gran Corralejo to indicate it as Corralejo s finest reserve tequila. To read more…age this special tequila, Don Leonardo selected French Limousine oak barrels with a medium char. To symbolize Mexico s long rich history with tequila and show case it as the spirit of Kings, a crown shaped bottle was designed to the highlight the time in History when Tequila was first presented to the Spaniards by the region s natives… .